Meet Ben



It’s time for forward thinking and fresh new ideas in both parties. Ben Hixon is the Democratic candidate for the 30th district of the Virginia House of Delegates, representing Madison, Orange, and Culpeper counties.


Ben is new to politics. He’s a 35 year old Artificial Intelligence researcher, Culpeper resident, and Louisiana native. He moved to Culpeper last year to build an artificial intelligence startup, but decided to run for office because the Democratic Party needs to change, to get back to basics: freedom and opportunity for everybody.


Ben wants to build more vocational schools here in the Piedmont. He wants Virginia to be the first state in the nation to offer a two-year vocational degree in computer programming. We need more mental health centers to combat the opioid crisis. We need reliable broadband in rural areas, food legislation that is more fair for small farmers, and lower taxes for the working class. We need to give people the tools to take care of themselves.


Ben is a progressive libertarian, which means he supports personal and economic liberty as well as equal access to the tools necessary to succeed. The lower and middle class pay too much taxes. We need to cut regressive taxes like the car tax and grocery tax, eliminate excessive regulations that exacerbate crony capitalism.


Ben’s family has lived in the south since his great great great great grandfather William Hixon was born in South Carolina during the American Revolution.