Vocational Training

Vocational Training


Not everyone needs a four-year degree, and we shouldn’t be forced to choose between a four-year college and McDonald’s. One of my top priorities is a renewed emphasis on vocational training. We need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and welders - even computer coding can be taught as a vocation. These are all good jobs, but they require a different set of skills than our kids are currently being taught in school. I’m the only candidate who will invest in affordable vocational training opportunities for everyone in the 30th District.  




Career Retraining 


Globalization and automation have hit many Virginians hard, and people who work their entire lives don’t deserve to be abandoned if their industry changes due to forces beyond their control. At the same time, our answer to major global economic shifts can’t be to increase government control and prop up dying industries with extra subsidies. We have to make sure our workers have the freedom to innovate with the changing economy. That’s why I support The New Virginia Economy Workforce Initiative, which seeks to overhaul our economic choices in four ways: “increasing postsecondary education and workforce credentials, securing employment for veterans, aligning education with the needs of businesses, and diversifying the economy.”



Programming as a Vocation

This is a great area for tech startups. I understand the tech industry, I know how it works, and as your delegate I can bring tech companies here by developing educational programs to stimulate Virginia's tech industry. Virginia should be the first state in the nation to offer a two-year, full-time vocational degree dedicated exclusively to teaching students how to write computer code. This will dramatically stimulate the tech sector in our commonwealth, attracting new businesses and generating local high-paying jobs.