Healthcare is a human right, period.


Expand medicaid now


Affordable healthcare is a fundamental freedom and freedom is not free. How can we be free to live our lives if we’re not free from disease? We must expand medicaid now and secure the right to affordable healthcare for 400,000 Virginians.


Healthcare is too expensive because regulators collude with the health insurance industry. When the choice is between freedom and not freedom, then there is only one answer. We must vote for the medicaid expansion before it’s too late. But inarguably, our healthcare system is too expensive, and the reason is that it is too regulated in order to benefit the health insurance industry. Nobody pays what healthcare actually costs, only what the health insurance industry commands doctors to charge behind the scenes. The health insurance industry is one massive price-fixing scheme. Make no mistake: your health insurance company does not care about lowering your healthcare costs.


Let Nurse Practitioners practice without physician oversight


Current law prohibits Nurse Practitioners from practicing on their own, requiring that they operate with physician collaboration. This unnecessarily onerous regulation significantly restricts healthcare in rural areas. Nurse practitioners are well-educated and more than well-equipped to handle patients on their own. I’d vote to end this unnecessary regulation that limits healthcare access.


Direct Primary Care 


Doctors and patients should be able to negotiate payments directly, without interference from the health insurance industry that doesn’t take the Hippocratic Oath and doesn’t care about patient health. I support Direct Primary Care and Senate Bill 800.


Repeal Certificate of Public Need (COPN) laws


Why does a private hospital need permission from the state to buy an MRI machine or expand their maternity ward? Lets make healthcare cheaper by ending unnecessary regulation and repealing COPN laws. I support HB2337 and HB1420.


Opioid epidemic


52,404 Americans died from drug overdose in 2015, 50% more than from traffic accidents and nearly 400% more than from gun homicide. Heroin alone killed more than gun homicide. Orange County Sheriff Mark Amos says that “the recent spike in heroin usage is unlike anything he has seen.” In November, Culpeper police began to carry auto-injectors of the opiate antidote Naloxone because of weekly heroin overdoses here. These injectors require grants, and I will work to secure money so that our heroic officers throughout the 30th district can continue to buy injectors and save lives. But addiction is an ongoing disease and requires more than emergency life-saving treatment and stopgap measures. We must fight this fight together as a community: educate each other on drug safety, alternate coping mechanisms and Good Samaritan laws; curb the out-of-control crony capitalism of the pharmaceutical industry; and most importantly guarantee universal healthcare for everyone, including mental healthcare and addiction treatment. You can read my full position here.