Building a Stronger Economy

Cut regressive taxes like the car tax 


The Virginia car tax is one of the most regressive taxes in the country. An automobile is necessary for every family to pursue a basic living, and annually taxing the ownership of a basic necessity places an unfair burden on the people who can least afford it. I will work to finally remove this hated tax, a promise made by Republican governor John Gilmore that has been left unfulfilled.



No more crony capitalism 


My opponent voted for a $7.3 million subsidy for the coal industry. Between 1995 and 2015, Virginia has given the coal industry $500 million in subsidies, propping up a dying industry with crony capitalism and taxpayer money. If Republicans keep the General Assembly and also win the Governor’s race, then these coal subsidies will resume. The coal industry must not be kept alive on life support with our tax dollars.


Regulations kill jobs


I saw firsthand in Seattle how lifting marijuana regulations created small businesses overnight, and how enacting e-cigarette regulations killed small businesses overnight. The only regulations I support are ones that prevent demonstrable harm or fraud, such as child safety regulations.


Local governments should make local economic decisions


State and local governments should have the freedom to make economic decisions like raising the minimum wage on their own, without being restricted by federal control. I was glad to see that Governor McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 1753, which would have taken control of the minimum wage away from local governments, and I was not surprised to see that so many big-government Republicans voted for it, including Delegate Freitas. If Arlington or Culpeper want to raise their minimum wage on their own, then we should be free to do so without state oversight. I strongly agree with our terrific Governor that “Decisions regarding municipal contracts should be made by local leaders who fully understand local needs.”


Right to work laws are market interference


I believe that strong unions are engines of freedom from big corporations and essential to a robust middle class, and that collective bargaining is a free market force which the government shouldn’t violate. Workers and businesses have the freedom to bargain and make contracts. Right to work laws prohibit businesses and workers from drafting mutually beneficial contracts, and are unjust market interference.


Privatize state-run liquor stores.


We have outgrown Prohibition. Virginia has some of the most expensive alcohol prices in the country. Extensive regulations stifle businesses. I would abolish the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Legalize marijuana


I support full legalization of marijuana. Even the American Conservative believes the Republican Party is wrong on marijuana. Let’s get rid of this archaic regulation and promote a thriving industry.